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About MDS

Domain Expertise

Extensive experience in Supply Chain and Pharmaceuticals

Knowledge of working with various ERP providers

Strong Relationship

Working with most of the Top pharma companies

Relationship with varied stakeholders

About Us

Team based out of Mumbai and Chennai

Other industry solutions used by large part of pharma stockist


MedVol Data Solution – ‘Pioneering a new digital Supply Chain’

MedVol Data Solution has extensive experience in Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain in India. MedVol has serviced most of the large companies in India with its various product offering.

MedVol has built strong relationship with Healthcare product distributors and serviced their varied needs in different ways. MedVol always believes in driving change via optimum change management and this has been a key pillar for its success in a complex.

MedVol technology prowess and proprietary RPA solutions provides it a unique edge in the process of digital adoption by Healthcare industry in India. MedVol team is based out of Mumbai and Chennai in India.

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Medvol Enabling Growth




Stockist partnering MedVol platform

1.5 Lakh

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  • Helping Companies in Solving for Visibility and Control in Special Rate / Discounted Business
  • Strong Growth Platform for Stockist Partners
  • Providing Visibility and ease of working for Field

Digitization of Discounted Business

Advantage to Stockist Partners

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Stop Intercity Movement

Benefitting Honest Trade Stockist and Honest Local Field Representative significantly

No Payment Rotation

One Dr Linked to One Stockist (at start Dr need to select). Can only be changed after clearing pending dues with existing stockist

Blacklisting of Counters

If due to overdue of payment - No other distributor can supply at Special rate till accounts are settled

Higher Credit from Co.

Higher credit period typically 30-45 Days depending on Co.

Digital Process

No paperwork, Courier, Delay in Credit Note

Quick Settlement in 7-10 Days

Preserved Profit Margin

Stockist to be able to achieve 2% profit margin with MedVol model

Additional Opportunities for Partners

More Established Companies Planning to Use MedVol Platform will Enable Growth for partners with the Discretion of the Company

Given 5-7% of Industry volume in this segment and present a massive opportunity for Stockist Partners

Potential to expand with Hospitals which is equally large opportunity

Work With New Companies on Distribution For Discounted Business and For Visibility

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